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2020-08-07 Bigelow Preserve Maine 15_edited.jpg

Isabella is a candidate for a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2027. 

She completed her undergraduate education at the University of Rochester graduating with a BS in Biology, BA in Chemistry, BA in Business with a cluster with Visual Art and design. On campus, she was a member of Undergraduate Research at the Ovitt Lab, Pre-Dental Club, Club Field Hockey, as well as the executive board of the Panhellenic Organizations. She worked as a Dental Assistant, Teaching Assistant, and Study Group Leader.

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2020-07-11 IMO Painting_edited.jpg

While in college, I have found that free time is a scarce resource. When I am not working or studying, one activity I truly enjoy is painting. I was fortunate enough to incorporate my passion of art into my curriculum at the UofR. 

I have been painting since 2010 but recently found new inspiration after taking a college painting course in the spring of 2019. I consequently enrolled in an advanced painting class that has challenged me to further explore color, composition, and perspective with multiple mediums. My work is centered around nature: landscapes, flowers, and its inhabitants. More recently, I have begun infusing a more impressionistic style into my pieces.

When not studying or painting, I enjoy spending time outside whether hiking with my dogs or fishing with my younger brothers. This enjoyment of these outdoor activities inspired much of my work. 

If my style speaks to you, whether realistic or impressionistic, nature or pet oriented, I would love to work with you in the future. Please be in touch to find out more and to discuss how we can collaborate on whatever you have in mind.

Thank you for your time, 


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  • 2022 3rd Place, Art of Science Competition, University of Rochester

  • 2018 Prince Street Scholarship for Artistic Pursuits, University of Rochester

  • 2017 Gold Key Award, Boston Globe Scholastic Art &  Writing Competition for "Ceramic and Iron"

  • 2017 Congressional Recognition for "Ceramic and Iron"

  • 2014 Honorable Mention, Boston Globe Scholastic Art &  Writing Competition for "Golden Wolf"

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Development of Work

Transition of Artwork through the Years

Through practice, exploration, and a variety of mediums, my work has developed dramatically from 2010 to present day.

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A Selection of Early Works

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Thank you for your support!

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So you want to start painting...

My tips and recommendations

2019-05 IMO Paintings UR 05.jpg

Starting with Acrylic

Explore color, light, shapes. Be delicate. Be bold. Don't be afraid to use paint. 

Contact for more tips and insights on my journey and methods. 

2020-07-11 IMO Painting-10.jpg


Get uncomfortable, try new things. Don't be afraid to be wrong, there's no such thing.

This painting was one of the first where I just used a palette knife and big "globs" of paint. This method allowed for more texture and impressionistic feel.

2020-07-11 IMO Painting-3.jpg

Transition to Oil: Patience

Oil takes much longer to dry and can create an amazing blend of layers to show depth in a complex image. 

In this painting, each highlight and shadow was made by repetitively brushing on a mixture of color and linseed oil only to be wiped away, thus building depth. 


Make Painting Easy

If possible, set up a small corner near natural light. The easier it is for you take some time away, the more likely you will stick with it. 

Check out my set up here!

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2020-07-11 IMO Painting-4_edited.jpg


For an Easy Set up

  • Glass or plexi-glass for Mixing on 

  • Pallet Knife

  • Simple Brush Kit - no need to be fancy

  • Canvas or Acrylic Paper

  • Paint (Acrylic)

    • Prioritize:​ Titanium white, Black, Cobalt, Cerulean Blue, Paynes Grey, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow

    • Advanced: Alizarin, Yellow Ochre, Phthalo Blue, Quinacridone Magenta, Mars Yellow

and finally just water & paper towels!

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